Completed theses since 2010

  • Collins, Carly (2023): “Social class, life stories and English learning: Critical realist case studies from Barcelona”, supervised by Josep M. Cots and David Block. 
  • Fritz, Erik (2022): “The effects of transnational mobility and language on Japanese national identity in three groups: Japanese graduate students studying abroad, kikokushijo, and Nikkei Brazilians”, supervised by David Block and Josep Maria Cots.
  • Costa, Ferran (2022): “Policies, beliefs and practices on the use of technology in the English as a Second Language classroom in the Andorran school system”, supervised by Guzman Mancho and Elisabet Arnó.
  •  Diert, Irati (2021): “An exploration of English language learners’ emotions and beliefs in a Catalan context: Insights from self-reported experiences and observed classroom practices”, supervised by Xavier Martín-Rubio.
  •  Torres Purroy, Helena (2021): “Communicative Practices of the Scientific Community within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)”, supervised by Josep M. Cots.
  •  Borràs, Judith (2020): “Reading and Vocabulary Development as a Result of a Study Abroad Experience”, supervised by Àngels Llanes.
  •  Moncada, Balbina (2020): “Teachers’ Identities, Attitudes and Beliefs in English-Medium Instruction at Universitat de Lleida: An Ethnographic Study”, supervised by David Block.
  •  Mocanu, Vasi. (2019): “A Mixed Methods Approach to Identity, Investment and Language Learning in Study Abroad: The Case of Erasmus Students in Finland, Romania, and Catalonia”, supervised by Enric Llurda.
  •  Mas Alcolea, Sònia (2017): “Discourses on Study Abroad: The Experience of Erasmus Students from a University in Catalonia“, supervised by Josep M. Cots and Núria Casado.
  • Gallego, Lídia (2014): “Language Policy and Internationalisation: The experience of international students at a Catalan university“, supervised by Josep M. Cots.
  • Jackson, Alana Gabrielle (2011): “A Mixed-Methods Approach to the Analysis of Chicano/a Identity: Discourses on Language, Literature and the Border“, supervised by Josep M. Cots and Enric Llurda
  • Martin-Rubio, Xavier (2011): “Identity Construction in two Bilingual Communities. Clashing Nationalist Discourses“, supervised by Josep M. Cots.

Theses in progress

  • Behforou, Behnam: “The Impact of Vocabulary Increment Through Mobile Phone on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Abilities”, supervised by Anca Daniela Frumuselu.
  • Borges, Federico: “Competences of college students when learning languages online”, supervised by Elisabet Arnó-Macia and Guzman Mancho-Barés.
  • Calvet-Terré, Júlia: “Ideology and attitudes towards English as a Lingua Franca in Higher Education”, supervised by Enric Llurda.
  • Faraj, Jehad: “Cultural aspects in the Palestinian English school textbooks: What is there and what should be there”, supervised by Anca Daniela Frumuselu.
  • Fernàndez-Córdoba, Annabel: “Interaction and genre analysis in Problem Based Learning Tutorials in Nursing in English-Medium Instruction at Universitat de Girona: A Dialogic Inquiry approach”, supervised by Marta Aguilar and Guzman Mancho-Barés.
  • Mena-Orduña, Thais: ”The impact of an EMI university experience on students’ plurilingual competence”, supervised by Josep Maria Cots i Àngels Llanes.
  • Mizukura, Ryo: “Native- and Non-native-English speaking teachers’ beliefs about bilingual approaches to teach English in the Japanese university educational context”, supervised by Enric Llurda.
  •  Montalvo, Esther: “Multilingüismo en la ONU. Análisis del uso del español”, supervised by Enric Llurda.
  •  Nagameni, Pascaline: “Aproximación a la competencia intercultural en la enseñanza / aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras: el caso de los profesores y estudiantes de lenguas extranjeras de la Educación Secundaria en Camerún”, supervised by Enric Llurda.
  • Sabbagh, May: “Social class and cosmopolitan education in Lebanon”, supervised by Josep Maria Cots and David Block.
  • Solá, Iris: “Analysis of mindset development of English language pre-service teachers during their undergraduate studies: a case study of primary and secondary school teachers”, supervised by Alexandra Vraciu.
  •  Zong, Pascal: “Impacto del uso de los recursos web en el aprendizaje autónomo del inglés por los estudiantes universitarios que cursan asignaturas no lingüísticas impartidas en inglés”, supervised by Guzman Mancho and Elisabet Arnó.