The Cercle de Lingüística Aplicada (CLA) is an established research group recognized by Generalitat de Catalunya as a consolidated group. 

The most recent projects that have been conducted within the CLA have focused on the role of multilingualism and interculturality in secondary and tertiary education.

In general, the CLA is interested in analyzing the development of language awareness, plurilingual education, the profile and training of non-native English language teachers, the introduction of English as a medium of instruction in content learning, the development of intercultural competence, and the impact of internationalization in multilingual practices in higher education.

The research of the CLA is structured around two lines: basic research and transfer of knowledge.

  1. Basic research development and its applications

The main objective of the CLA in this area is describing and explaining the relationship between policies, ideologies, and communicative practices in higher education, as well as their relationship with multilingualism, interculturality, and internationalization. The attainment of this aim can contribute to understanding the success or failure of certain higher education policies. The second objective is developing materials that can be used as a model of reference for good practice in the training of higher education staff.

  1. Transfer of knowledge: the Observatori del Plurilingüisme a les Universitats Catalanes (OPUC)

The foundation of the Observatori del Plurilingüísme a les Universitats Catalanes contributes to the development of multilingualism and internationalization in Catalan universities, providing them with information as well as with ideas and models of reference for appropriate multilingual practices.



NEWS!!! International Symposium “Issues in English-medium instruction in Higher Education: Global competence, plurilingual competence and disciplinary literacies”   

Universitat de Lleida (UdL), Facultat de Lletres, Sala de Juntes 2.26   

(Plaça Víctor Siurana 1, 25003, Lleida)  

9 and 10 November 2023 *  


This symposium is organised by the Cercle of Applied Linguistics (CLA). It will include a colloquium with Internationalisation and language policymakers and implementers as well as with EMI instructors; a selection of the CLA group’s research projects, and a variety of talks and debates by the following plenary and invited speakers:   

Plenary speakers: Will Baker (University of Southampton) and Sheena Gardner (Coventry University)  

Invited speakers: Eulàlia Borràs (UdL) & Emilee Moore (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Emma Dafouz (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Pilar Mur Dueñas (Universidad de Zaragoza), Noelia Ruiz-Madrid & Edgar Bernad-Mechó (Universitat Jaume I) and Mireia Trenchs Parera (Universitat Pompeu Fabra).  

We are happy to announce that we offer a synchronic streaming option to follow the presentations by plenary speakers, invited speakers and researchers from the UdL GLOCIC/LIDISELF (with no possibility to use voice, image or recording). Here is the link (“Symposium 9th and 10th November 2023”).

Tothom hi és convidat! ¡Os esperamos! Onsite attendance is free upon previously confirmed registration at:   

Further information, and much more, available at: @UdLCLA and #Claudl.   

Stay tuned at #symposiumCLA2023 

See here the program!